Natural wires twisted together to decorate intriguing fashion accessories. This is the straw that, along with wicker and raffia, is proposed as a chic detail to embellish things ever. Find out what are the new must of the summer 2013.Every season has its elements must, so when winter we find ourselves before the paint, velvet and hairy heads, d ‘ summer is the time of straw . I wonder how many of you have at least a small accessory characterized by straw, raffia or wicker.

Has always been the straw (and the happy family of such) is considered a useful material for a touch cooler. Think of the bags, especially those to go to sea: big baskets in natural raffia or colored, perfect to hold all of our stuff when you go to the beach. But the straw is also used in the field of hats, summer and always typically produced by major fashion houses. For the summer 2013 the straw has been used to decorate many fashion pieces. Let’s find out what are to be always cool!


Let’s start with the bags. The first is that you can see a model by day but saw his greatness and preciousness in the colors and designs, you can show it off for the exits early evening or to dampen the very classic look. This is the bag by Dolce & Gabbana Dolce and is made ​​of woven raffia, worked and painted and can be distinguished by the iconic padlock. Next door is a model of Furla , a simple day bag features a large boat shape, handles candy emerald green and base of the hooks leather lime green.

To protect themselves from the heat and the sun always remember to wear a hat. Straw is better! The first model is panama style of Aldo and is characterized by a fun game color block. That wide-brimmed embellished with a ribbon along with flowers of every type and color is a model for the Blumarine, especially suitable for trips into the countryside.

The straw is also used to produce beautiful shoes summer. Among these we propose the wedges particular, very high and decorated with Tommy Hilfiger declined in natural color with red details. The slippers with cleat black bicolor are made ​​of finely woven raffia and are part of the collection Mango . Just below, however, there are dancers
coat, also in natural raffia characterized by big black flower in the center.