Associated with the moon, because of its unique brightness, silver is the most precious metal used in jewelry not only for its beauty but also for its malleability. All we jewels of silver, because it is more accessible of gold and less difficult to carry. How and what to wear silver, to stay chic in all circumstances?


Always elegant, silver brightens your style. Classic and discreet, you can put almost everything, without the risk of being vulgar. Attention to this ruled: Do not put silver and gold together, you risk too much. In the case of some types of jewelery, however, mix gold and silver can be very trendy, as in the case of bracelets with the pendants. Favour silver if you have pale skin, blue eyes, green or hazel, and the hair blond, red or light brown, or whether, on the contrary, you have dark skin and dark eyes or blacks, like your hair .

During the day

To be chic and discreet, match accessories in silver and black or cool tones. Gray and white will be perfect! To be fashion: the tip of bright colors that silver will put in value, such as coral, red, turquoise, plum or yellow, but forget the orange. The silver is also leads with the silver! Add a beautiful brooch, a pair of shoes and a handbag silver, and even a make-up in the same tone (silver and blue.)


In the evening

The silver will be glamorous and sophisticated, especially when paired with precious stones like diamonds, rubies or pearls. Drop earrings, a pendant or a bracelet sexy discreet success is assured, and never drop style!

Patinated silver, silver colored or white?

The silver is like gold. Over time, and if you do not take care, you ruin and becomes opaque when in contact with air, especially in humid climates. However, a look a little ‘bohemian and vintage silver in distressed can be even more beautiful than shiny. Take care of your silver to ensure that it remains bright, if you want to use it in the evening with your clothes more elegant. Do not clean with products for silverware, rather than using a soft brush and a bit of water and soap.