Very bad sex is the end of a relationship

Our new cover model Triinu Hoolma , a sexy, beautiful but also very intelligent model. Triinu’s name sounds strange to you what? You’re right. It is not Dutch (Frisian) name but a name from Estonia . Triinu comes from Tallinn to the Gulf of Finland, one of the coldest (well, almost) spots on Earth. Hopefully you now have an idea of where our cover model comes from. Triinu is one of those models who always nice in the picture, the profile also, what light, she is always optimal. How do they do it? It was very nice to her and to work with Gatling. For as they together from Macau to Hong Kong have traveled, so they were also working on the shoot. We talked about work, life, of everything and we took pictures. But read the interview with Triinu.

* How old are you (you can also skip this question ?
Ans: I’m 25.

* Where are you from?
Ans: Off Tallinn, Estonia.

* How long have you been modeling and how did you start?
Ans: I’m six years modeling and started to pose for a fashion magazine from a friend.

* What do you want in your work and in your private life?
Ans: I want U.S. Playboy cover model and wants me three babies.

* Three words to describe yourself
Ans: Flexible, sober and easy going.

* What is your best character trait?
Ans: I can be very good analytical thinking and everything in its total context.

* And what is a bad character trait?
Ans: I have little patience and am sometimes hard to follow.


* What are your hobbies?
Ans: Going to the movies

* What kind of music do you listen?
Ans: Techno / House music.

* The craziest thing you ever did in your life?
Ans: I have the highest bungee jump of the world done.

* And what do you remember as one of the most embarrassing moments in your life?
Ans: That was when I was trapped in a lie that many people were involved.

* What attracts you in a man?
Ans: I think it’s important that he has a sense of humor.

* What do you do when you see a man you like? How do you let him know you like him?
Ans: I avoid eye contact and say ‘yes’ when he queried me.

* What is the dumbest compliment you ever received it?
Ans: That I’m a pretty big nose.

* What do you like most about your body?
Ans: Mine eyes.

* Flat shoes or high heels?
Ans: High Heels.

* Cotton underwear or lacy lingerie?
Ans: Lacy lingerie.

* How important is sex in your life?
Ans: Very bad sex is the end of a relationship.