Hands are one of the most exposed parts of our body. Whether in winter or summer, our hands suffer climate change. In winter, the cold and the wind damage, and so does the summer sun exposure or when enough time spent in the water, in the pool or sea. The dryness of hands really is a problem! What can we do to have soft hands without spending a few bucks on cosmetic services and manicures? Well, I have two homemade solutions to soften hands, super easy and you can do at any time of day, because they are time consuming. With five or ten minutes you can spend every day with your hands, get more softness and dry hands bye!

Soften your hands with oil and sugar

We will use two ingredients that have always safe at home: oil and sugar. Quiet you will not oily hands!Prepare a small bowl mix the following: Place a tablespoon of oil medium, then add sugar until the oil is impregnated into it. Mix them until it forms a paste. If the mixture still notes a little liquid, add more sugar. Now, put on a cream on your hands, always use but I recommend it without any strong smells like roses or magnolia. Once you and cream on your hands, spread the mixture into prepared and starts massaging hands. You’ve assembled a homemade exfoliating cream in a few steps! Massage for five minutes, or more if you want (and have time). Then rinse with warm water slowly. Finally, place hand moisturizer , may be the same as used before.


Soft hands with almonds

Do you know how beneficial it is the almond oil for skin ? It is one of the most complete potions to nourish our skin. It is used in creams for body, hands and hair creams. But it is much better if you use almond oil directly without using creams. And it’s easy to get! In any perfume, beauty or even local herbalist can buy in small bottles, and has no price. What will you do with the oil? Right. You must have ready your hair dryer, and a pair of thin latex gloves (like those used in medicine). Place almond oil on your hands, about 10 or 15 drops, that is enough. Spread evenly across the surface, massaging cuticles and knuckles.

Then, put on the gloves. With the hair dryer, apply hot air, a hand at a time, for 10 minutes (you know, if you can do it longer!). When finished, remove the gloves, rinse your hands with warm water and put a moisturizer on them. What results have you had? Remember that you will achieve better results if you repeat any of the tips every day. Consistency gives best results!

Homemade cream for dry hands

Supplements these fabulous beauty tips for hands you just read what I teach in this video Exclusive: one homemade cream for dry hands ! It is very easy to make and absolutely recommended to soften our hands soon. Do not miss it!