What will be the new fashion trend for 2013 ? There is help H & M, the well-known low cost brand that we all know well, interviewing some of the most influential fashion blogger and stylist in Europe. ‘re On the subject clearly more of street style that bridges, and in fact often start trends and become viral just from the streets of the most important cities of the Old Continent.

As you can see the look of workers in respondents is very personal and with a look truly international, indeed the most important sentence of the video of the advances in fashion for 2013 signed H & M shows their character and personality as essential to always be glam. The style is cultivated according to their own inclinations, even if an eye on the big international fashion never hurts. But let us see what are the H & M the coolest trends this year has just begun.


First of all, an explosion of pure color, as we have already mentioned, invade our spring wardrobe. A nice change of guard by the atmosphere very dark and rock this winter, they wanted a sophisticated fashion, lunar, diaphanous and ethereal. A little ‘vitamin shades that will bring energy and vitality to our spring and a healthy touch of frivolity and fun.

The mix and match of patterns and garments in contrast (blaser with mini dress or blouse with girlish pants men) is and will be more and more trendy, go-ahead to the imagination and personal creativity to play with your summer look. You can indulge with the superposition of different styles together, like a piece bon ton with another from allure more preppy or country, or ethnic or oriental style. H & M always gives us a wide choice in its collections fashion and even better low cost.

Make a lot of accessories are essential and are the real secret to a modern look and unique at the same time, young and dynamic. You choose a cult piece that we particularly like, a dress or a suit complete fluid and geo pattern (en for spring 2013) and then build depending on our mood and the personal desire to dare a modern and chic outfits.