The jewel bags are a must for the Christmas holidays and New Year , to have a look of elegance and preciousness that shine under the lights. Here are some tips to make the right match using these trendy accessories .

The last day of the year is an important event, to be spent in the company of family and friends. To join the party we treat our appearance in a particular way, choosing the right clothes and accessories that will enhance and capture the attention. The jewel bags are perfect for elegant occasions such as this, they must be worn for evening events or for appetizers, so they are the perfect match for the New Year’s Eve. First we have to choose the right size: we avoid large bags and sports for a evening look, so a clutch embellished jewelry can be the right solution. For formal occasions, such as dinner, we prefer simpler models and linear, while for the dance party we can also show off an accessory more elaborate and aggressive, comfortable to hold in your hand or with a shoulder strap.

The designer handbags are embellished with golden applications, sequins, lace and gems. We can choose between different models, depending on the shape and color, opting for accessories very expensive and sophisticated or simple and practical to wear. The clutch studded with gems and precious must be combined with a closure to a dress important should be kept in hand so we’ll have to take into account this detail to choose which opportunity to use them. The models with shoulder strap are more practical to wear, especially if we can remove it or hook it depending on the situation. Let’s be careful to choose the shoes that are tuned to the bag as well as the dress, and avoid to enrich the look with too many accessories to enhance the gem clutch: necklaces, bracelets and earrings will have to balance our outfits without excess.


For the combination of color may choose to follow the nuances of the dress, creating a tone-on-tone combination with different shades The bags are recommended richest and embellished with clothes without patterns and plain, so as to give prominence to accessories and without weigh the look. The fashion of the moment also suggests the use of sharp contrasts and determined by combining bright colors and opposed to each other to effect a lively and stylish The dress in which we combine the jewel bag must be made ​​with an elegant fabric such as silk or satin.