Fashion shows have always attracted a certain type of audience, define it ‘quite original’. Often insiders too long cooped up in the cubicles of the newsroom that on the occasion of the shows did not lose the opportunity to have fun and groped to show off. But it was a limited game, almost amateur. Today the scene has changed dramatically, stand at the entrance of a fashion show is an experience sometimes embarrassing to the limit. An Anna Piaggi, or Marta Marriott were initially made ​​note today would pass virtually unnoticed (in fact the second now gets confused in the mass).

The birth of the phenomenon

Merit (fault) also the new generation of so-called bloggers who not being able to distinguish on the web, let alone get to work in an editorial fashion as you probably would like to do, trying to get noticed thanks to the originality of their look .


One part does not even enter the parades why not make them enter if not when there are holes between the public and must be filled but you can stand out, and therefore we are. Wandering in the areas where they see the greatest concentration of photographers, hoping for a picture. And then photographing each other, they exchange business cards, a few compliments, and remit ‘to work’ which is to photograph the others, and to be photographed. But who is? It was the very question she put more often on these occasions. Meanwhile, photographing each other.

From the fashion circus circus and just

And so it is that the entrance to the fashion shows has turned into a real circus, sometimes in the literal sense of the term. Of course, in the midst of such fauna sometimes someone stands for true taste and originality (not all of the characters portrayed in this gallery are a no-no, but for many the rejection is a must. You decide who to promote, and who reject, browsing the gallery next door), but now the spontaneity of the streetstyle is dead. Dead and defunct. Little real elegance and originality, drowned in a sea of ​​multicolored clown. Regardless of age.