Make your own shirts, jerseys Design: On what you should look for when buying jersey and how to design your own sports apparel.

Jerseys and T-shirts are especially important for athletes: What matters here is not only on comfort, functionality and quality, but also to look and individuality. Because the shirt can serve as object of identification in team sports or as a status object in individual sports. Also increases an optimally chosen shirt welfare in sports. But how exactly can you make shirts and jerseys designed yourself? Suite101 has some tips to make t-shirt ready and presents a shirt designer of Acton Sports, with which one can easily cobble together his wish jersey.

Which jerseys and T-shirts which sport?

Buy jersey when it is important to consider in advance which shirt is suitable for which sport. In sports with a high level of movement, such as football, handball or hockey, especially breathable materials are attached. These ensure that the moisture resulting from perspiration, is discharged outside. Thus, a good air circulation and rapid drying of the substance is possible. This prevents that the jersey “from moisture stick to the body”, what sports can be very uncomfortable. Specially manufactured materials such as polyester or polyester-cotton blends provide a comfortable body climate and inhibit odor due to sweat. The cut should be cool casual, not constrict the body.


Buy jerseys: What side effects should

For less strenuous sports such as aerobics, Theravada workouts or yoga to body, yet comfortable jerseys are just right. The figure-hugging cut to guarantee best possible freedom of movement without restriction. In light sport disciplines usually stretch material is used, such as cotton with Lycra content. This breathable fabric makes with each stretch. For jogging, Nordic walking, running and Co, there are special jerseys with blends of poly amide and tannest that receive a lot of body moisture, dry quickly and also breathable.

Shirts do yourself, make yourself kits

A suitable jersey to find is not a simple thing. A good starting point when it comes to individuality and authenticity, Acton Sports. The company offers sportswear for the internet even the opportunity by a shirt creator, also called jersey configuration to design jerseys and shirts themselves. Its customers include many of the sporting goods manufacturer amateur and professional athletes as well as Olympic and World Championships.

With jersey configuration from Acton Sports: make shirts themselves and make themselves jerseys Playing with the different design options is fun and humor. With skill and imagination, many different models are produced in their own design. In addition to the individual printing the T-shirts and jerseys possible to upload personal logos (Team Logo) or the creation of free texts (club name, slogan in various fonts). The good: the positions are arbitrary. If you are happy with the design of the self-designed shirts, send the saved image by clicking on Acton Sports. The Company reviews the implementation, delivers printing tips, design suggestions, and then an offer. Another plus: to determine the right size, it is possible to get in front of the custom-made sample jerseys for fitting.

Jerseys per shirt creator: How the design was translated into reality?

Delivered to order custom jerseys own corresponded fully to the design draft. Logo and sublimation printing are of high quality, wear resistant and the color printing is not noticeable. Due to the special mirror-image printing with a special ink on a specially developed for the sublimation transfer foil logo and club name are directly “merged” with the substance. Even the “Ariso Plus” material, a complex woven high-tech microfiber sufficient highest. It is breathable, durable, comfortable to wear comfortably. Despite its light weight (145 g / m²) of the material is very durable. All in all, the shirt configuration from Acton Sports is a successful case and recommended to make jerseys and t-shirts himself. Their own design choices are almost no limits. Along with the shirt configuration from Passport heard the shirt creator of Acton Sports on the best ways in the sport sector to design your own clothes.