Denim is one of the most, if not the most, simple, versatile and comfortable fabric to wear. Because of these qualities, denim is a staple component in most wardrobes, from children to young adults to those who are more mature. It is a material that is always on trend, and it is highly unlikely that it will lose popularity. Denim is very often featured on the runway and in fashion designer’s collections, but this year its appearance on the catwalk is more frequent than ever. Designers have been experimenting with the combination of different denims. They have also been using other techniques like woven denim have become popular. Predicted to be of the biggest trends 2015, we have gathered together these style tips on how to wear your denim items.

  1. Denim on Denim

Designers have been experimenting with double, triple and at times quadruple denim in their lines. It is difficult enough to pull off just two denim items in one outfit, so we recommend that you stick to no more than a couple. When wearing double denim, it is always best to wear two different shades. So, to avoid looking too matchy and opt for a lighter weight and wash on top and a darker denim on the bottom. Always pick items that flatter your shape and create a sleek silhouette. If you team your denim outfit with extravagant or too many accessories, your ensemble could end up looking very busy and messy. Keep the rest of your outfit very simple. If you are wearing jewelry, choose delicate pieces.

  1. Denim on the bottom

When picking denim pants, short and skirts, always pick items that flatter your natural body shape. You should always make sure that they fit you well. Avoid saggy areas around your derriere. Ensure they fit comfortably around the waist and are the correct length, so you don’t have to pull them up all the time. Embellished denim, although very popular in the 90s, should be avoided these days. If you want a bit of decoration, the distressed look is always a winner. Make sure it’s only subtle though as you could end up with a too high a visible leg to material ratio. Skinny jeans look best with a something loose fitting on top. Flared jeans, which are also predicted to be a top trend in 2015, look fantastic with a shirt or t-shirt tucked in.

  1. Denim on top

Denim on top is not worn as often, but it can look very stylish. Denim shirts, either fitted or loose, give a laid-back, trendy vibe. Because they are basic in color and style, it looks amazing when they are worn on top of a statement skirt, shorts or pants. They also look great with a light, floaty summer skirt or dress and a pair of black leggings and a leather jacket in winter.

Denim is a must-have item in everybody’s wardrobe. Despite its simplistic and versatile nature, it is important that you pick denim items that suit you and fit you well and wear them in a stylish manner.