Models are at least 1.75 m tall and otherwise seems to be the average height of women worldwide to rise slowly but steadily. Result: The fashion adapts to this trend and is always “more” out. Trendy fashion for petite women is becoming harder to find. It’s not easy to dress fashionable, if you grew small in spite of the general trends in society. Some trends are just, if you can show incredibly long legs. It is not only difficult to find fashionable clothes in the right size in order despite the natural conditions have to remain trendy ways can be found to the small stature at least to stretch optically ! There are too many challenges at once? Not despair! We show you some tricks to small but fashionable despite short stature remain.

Recommended for small women

* Clothes in your exact size.
* Tight high-waist pants. If appropriate, hipster, but only if they are not extremely deep cut.
* Short jackets if you have a very significant bust have otherwise long, loose jackets.
* Ankle boots, best short skirts.
* Mini-skirts.
* Mini- dresses .
* Low-cut swimsuits .
* Medium-high heels (more than 5 cm).
* Monochrome outfits: top and pants in similar colors.
* Small pattern and motif prints if possible vertically.
* Belt in the same color as pants or skirt.
* Small accessories.


Avoid any short women

* Extra wide trousers on the shoes fall.
* Bermuda shorts.
* Platform shoes, as they provide unfavorable proportions.
* Knee boots, boots that extend below the knee. shoes. the visually shorten the leg, for example sandals with ankle straps
* Huge bracelets or eyeglasses: Respect the proportions of your figure!
* Shells that form a colorful contrast to the lower part (pants, skirt) and in “halving” the silhouette.

Tricks seem to make it big

The following tips will help your body to stretch visually:

* Open West.
* Clothes with buttons.
* Long dresses below the knee.
* Narrow, long scarves that fall loosely over his shoulder.
* Distract from your small size and emphasize targeted a specific part of the body, such as shoulders or decolletage.
* Put your hair up or wear a hair band around your upper body to give visual height.