Knowing how to dress well, it’s definitely something very important in order to make the most of one’s own person and also his personality. Some people believe that to have style, needs only wear brand clothes or very expensive, but your personal style you can also create using clothes and accessories cheap, it is important to be imaginative and creative in dressing. In this guide we will see how to have style.


First, it is of fundamental importance to understand what are the points of our body that we want to exploit. If for example we have a lean and muscular physique, we can that it is highlighted by wearing T-shirts and tight pants. It is also very important to cover or at least try to hide aspects of ourselves that we want to highlight, if we are a bit strong can wear the clothing is to hide the generous shapes. Another very important element in the style is the color of our clothes, which can also vary according to the emotions we want to convey to ourselves and to others. If we are very solar, we can wear or very light colored garments that stand out this aspect of our personality.

If you want to hit whoever is in front of us we can use contrasting colors in our clothing. The suggestion is that if we want the original garments, to have recourse to a competent tailor who can customize them according to our tastes. In addition, also on Internet sites such as Ebay, we can order t-shirts and unique details that can give a touch of elegance and originality in more to our person. As for the shoes, it is very important to choose a pair of shoes that match perfectly with the rest of the outfit. Of fundamental importance for women is also the trick, a trick that should not be heavy, but light and especially enhances the eyes and lips.

We can then if we carry earrings, buy a pair of very special earrings, maybe buying them in a stall of handicrafts, such as those present at the various fairs. Even bracelets and rings, can be of valuable accessories, rings in particular, if we have very beautiful hands, they can put more emphasis on our hands. Finally, in the summer, we can wear a stylish beret and glasses from the sun, we can make it much more attractive and charming.