Another major firms been allowed to see his collection for spring-summer collection. Actually, this home is always synonymous with elegance, but this time some of the proposals are not really much. For the new season has opted for dresses inspired air Hellenic and even with some air in some ethnic prints. As to the color, with the exception of red, the palette is neutral.

summer collection

The collection

Valentino collection for spring-summer 2016 has opted for full dresses because there is not a single design, at least hitherto shown that it is not. Furthermore, in all it coincides dresses long, kind night. In style, Valentino has given a touch Greek and Roman a good part of their designs, and reminiscent of the robes.  They wore at the time performing them with sheer fabrics to which were added ornaments metal to which the signature gives a major role also in his clothes, placing a collar on top of the bust but around the body some supplements that also shine in the head like crowns but finer and golden tones.

Spring-summer collection 2016

The most elegant versions come from the hand of dresses layer with a portion of the arms is covered and the silhouette is concealed behind but ahead branding her as well as those in so soft and delicate tissues are nearly transparent . Colors, apart from black and red the rest are very neutral tones like nude mink or green pale, but there are a number of proposals made in white.