The greater the muscle mass in your body, the greater the energy demand necessary to keep alive the tissue, the greater the use of stocks accumulated calories. Our fat

You can speed up our metabolism through regular physical activity, proper diet and supplements? The answer is yes, you can. But what to do, how to set up training, nutrition and natural supplements to speed up and make more efficient our metabolism (and burn excess fat so more easily). you can speed up your metabolism and therefore burn more fat through the right training techniques and proper diet?

Absolutely yes. The metabolism is that set of biochemical processes that are adapted to meet the energy demands of the cells. Needless to say, the greater the daily caloric expenditure, the greater will be the energy demand of the cells and the greater the speed with which our metabolism must provide the energy required, the unit of time. Any form of training will produce, in line absolutely general, a higher demand of energy, because the energy expenditure necessary to perform it.


With regard to the diet, our metabolism has a different mechanism of usage, and possible storage of the calories provided by the macro nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats). The secret is to provide these macro nutrients in the best proportions and quantities, in order to facilitate their use and decrease the energy as much as possible their storage. Encouraging, at the same time, the use of stored calories above; stored fat, in fact.

What types of training are best to speed up metabolism and burn more calories not only during your workout?

The trainings aim to increase muscle mass. In fact, not only require an energy source during the execution, as aerobic workouts, but the great advantage is that the muscle tissue needs a constant energy source even if it is not used. This mechanism of maintenance of vital functions, even at rest, allow a caloric expenditure without stopping, even during sleep. The greater the muscle mass present in our body, the greater the required energy needed to keep alive this fabric, the greater will be the use of stocks accumulated caloric. Our fat.

How to set up a diet to speed up our metabolism?

There are some foods that speed up metabolism naturally? They can act on three fronts: introducing foods with substances that increase parthenogenesis, use foods that maintain a constant level of insulin and prefer foods that require digestion more expensive than others. In fact, we must not forget that the digestion of food we eat is a biochemical process, and as such, requires energy to be implemented. Paradoxically, in order to consume the energies that we introduce with the food, you must first arrange them consume energy to make the calories contained in the food itself (thermic effect of food).

And supplements that are not harmful to health?

By itself, no supplement can be dangerous to your health. Each product marketed, is notified and approved the Ministry of Health. However, the secret is in the word itself: “integrator”. Use, means food to fill a gap caused by many different reasons. If this gap exists, you should fill it, first of all, with a traditional food source. If this is not possible, well be the integration, as long as deemed necessary by their physician. If you are missing these assumptions, the integration becomes a surplus unnecessary and harmful. Just think all avitaminosis.