Winter is one of the main enemies of our skin, dry, dehydration and makes it more sensitive. Learn to take care of at this time.

The skin is the largest organ of our body and is responsible for protecting us from external factors such as the sun, pollution, bacteria and temperature and perform other important functions. To keep it healthy and vital need to take care from childhood to old age, but there is a time of year where we must pay more attention: the winter.

It is divided into three layers : epidermis, the first layer and the thinner, which is exposed directly to external factors and which are melanomas, which are concerned with pigmentation. The next layer is the dermis, a deeper layer thicker and mostly consists of abundant collagen fibers, is responsible for giving consistency and elasticity to our skin.


The last layer is the hypodermis, is mainly composed of fatty tissue that is responsible for regulating the temperature and movement. As you can see, the skin not only protects us from exposure to sunlight, rain, cold or heat, is a body to which we must pay close attention to all our lives to stay healthy and can lead to out its functions.

Cold can kill skin

For winter low temperatures, little sun, wind and in some places are exposed to snow and hence heating in homes and buildings and out in the open, we and especially our skin is exposed to a radical change temperature. All these factors and more help make the skin more easily mistreated during this time of year.

What you did not know

Some studies show that during the cold season, the man suffers from changes in behavior , such as depression, anxiety and stress, and this factor also affects our skin. A stressed person tends to be more easily abused skin. For these factors mentioned above, you need to look after our skin today so we can show off fresh, natural and vital throughout our lives.

Care we perform

If you do not take care of our skin and minimize attacks received throughout our lives, we suffer from peeling, dryness, irritation, sensitivity, wrinkles and premature aging, to diseases like cancer . Notes on how to care and boasts a neat and healthy skin.

First we must know that there are areas of our body that we should pay more attention, among them are: the lips, hands, elbows, knees, eyelids and ears. It is therefore important to use specific products for these areas, such as: Lip moisturizer with sunscreen, hand moisturizers, remove makeup at night, especially the eyes, creams for dry skin on elbows and knees and moisturize ear skin after showering.

Throughout our lives the water will be our best ally in this time of year you should drink more water and keep your body hydrated with foods that contain more water. No you shower with hot water, though it is cold, low temperature water that you shower, but your skin will dry out more easily.

Use moisturizers and factor sunscreen 20, but during the winter the sun’s rays are not as intense as in the summer, it is important to continue the protection. Also avoid long exposure to heat and sudden temperature changes as they are factors which dry and become more sensitive and irritated skin.

Consume vitamin C and E both in food and food supplements, vitamins offer benefits both for our skin, hair and health. Vitamin E can be found in the egg yolk, soybean, peanut, rice, cotton and coconut, and green leafy vegetables, cereals and breads. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits such as banana, mango, apple, pineapple and melon and vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and potatoes.

In the winter you choose to use a cream makeup and make the powder aside, as they tend to dry the skin. And it is recommended you do you deep cleanings with specialized products and peels, as dead cells that accumulate and more during the winter, helping the skin damage.

Finally I recommend that if you are wearing many layers of clothing to keep you warm, procures that the first layer is cotton, sometimes rubbing the skin with clothing, irritated and dry. If you are inside a building and you must get out in the open, wrap to the temperature change is not so abrupt, and if you are a smoker (a), reduce your intake because the cigarette is not allied to the skin and less during Apoca cold.