Taking a beard is a daily necessity for men around the hand. There are many methods to be able to shave today day, but use the manual razor is still the most used at the moment. Done, however, without cutting the beard and getting a smooth shave is not easy. We see, then, in a few simple steps in this guide as being able to shave with a manual razor in the best possible way. There are a few precautions that, if followed carefully, will lead to a perfect shave.

The most important thing to do when attention is the choice of the razor. Better to avoid too cheap razors, which would enable us to thoroughly remove the beard from our face. For the same reason it is good to choose a razor with at least 3 blades. It will, also, a great brush that does not shed bristles on the face during use. Once we have all the necessary tools, we can begin to shave. The first thing to do is thoroughly cleanse your face with warm water and soften the skin with the use of a cream that you prepare for shaving . Massaged for a few minutes to absorb the product well.


Now, we spread the shaving foam with a brush in a compact and uniform on the face so as to cover the entire surface. It is good to perform circular movements for a perfect application and stimulating, also, in this way our skin. Now we are ready to start shaving with our manual razor that, if it were not the first use , we must take care that it is perfectly clean.

For optimum shaving we must be careful that we do the movements. We will have, in fact, before you start shaving from top to bottom and then from bottom to top in order to eliminate even the smallest hairs. in this way, our shaving will really perfect and, above all, it will last longer. Do not ever Amerasian with diagonal movements because so provoke the risk of painful cuts as unsightly. Every time we have done one of these movements will be well cleaned our razor to have, for each pass, a perfect cut . When we shaved all over her face, acquisition well and smear a moisturizer and protective (there are just specific to be used after shaving) to re-hydrate our skin. With these precautions our skin will be really perfect.