Your dream is to become a model? Know that it is not an easy road. Interview with Rosa Baiano, young model, which explains the different aspects of his work.

It ‘s the dream of many girls. Pull on a catwalk wearing the clothes of a fashion designer in fashion or appear on a catalog advertising or even on the cover of a glossy magazine puts undoubtedly salivate a lot of girls that the mirror can not put aside a bit of vanity. Yet, what may seem like a privileged and rewarding work and benefits, hides much more fatigue, problems and pitfalls than you think. Means working as a model, especially at the beginning of his career, running up and down dozens of daily casting, during which hardly is chosen because of a large competition that sometimes goes up to hundreds of aspiring to one place. Once it is discarded because it is too thin, two hours later, another casting, because you’re too fat. Sometimes it is chosen and the show is canceled.

Not to mention the constant pressure to maintain a physicist who has certain characteristics, according to the rapid changes of fashion that can send the bench also the model most in demand until the previous day. Last but not least, it must be said that all these sacrifices will never be an absolute celebrity : the era of the supermodel known by the general public is over. Today, who knows you by name is name the models are just the experts.


When he finishes his career as a model what are the job opportunities once abandoned the catwalk? If we look at the icons of the fashion world. we can say that this work is very durable. This is also thanks to the media that remain constant over the spotlight on them. For the rest of the world instead of the models, which still carry out their daily work, arrive at the age of 30 ends its occupation. At the end of his career can aspire to, and better manage their own image, in the world of the show or movie. Unfortunately recently read that some of them are given to the world of “escort”, more concern that the economic aspect of the artistic, professional and above all moral.