If you want to become a sophisticated and stylish guest’s prom dresses Rosa Clara 2017, become an excellent option to find an outfit for the most special. The collection is divided into three types of proposals Elegance it Girl and So Chic each with its own personality. Then we discover all the features of these outfits ideal party to attend a wedding or any event you need to go very elegant.


Elegance Rosa Clara Collection 2017

We started with prom dresses collection Elegance designs that have the blue as the main protagonist. Bare shoulders, lace and skirts with long flight are other features of these elegant proposals Rosa Clara 2017.

Girl Collection 2017

It Girl is another proposal Rosa Clara for your party dresses for the season 2017. Here we are dealing with garments in gray and red colors, mainly with metallic details and lace and transparencies always following the latest trends in fashion. Red is the main color of this third collection within the proposed party signature. Dresses with asymmetrical cuts, rhinestones, pleated skirts, long or tight sleeves, belted or cuts that are more vaporous all this to find the ideal place for your event attire 2017.

Party dresses Rosa Clara 2017

Below you can see a wide selection of everything you find for your parties this coming 2017. Rosa clear commitment vivid hues and other softer, all very elegant and sophisticated so that every woman can find the dress that best suits your figure and personality. What design of all there you like? The tartan Scottish painting returns to trend this autumn-winter 2016-2017. This season we will see in coats, pants, shirts, skirts and accessories, and fashion brands like Zara, Mango and offer plenty of alternatives in their new collections. Today tell you all. Are you back with us to look these pictures on your clothes fall?


Plaids come in lots of colors to choose from classic like red and gray to others that incorporate details yellow or vivid colors.

In all kinds of garments

As I said, tartan is introduced into all kinds of garments, but perhaps that we see in these pictures are the shirts. Formerly called lumberjack shirts evolution now goes to incorporate other current trends such as oversize style.

How to wear tartan clothes

Plaid shirts, for example are very good with some jeans. It is always winning combination. You can put your shirt inside or outside open or closed. This year you can design clothes if you wear them with a tulle skirt an original contrast very fashionable. In general, you can combine these clothes frames with top or down in a solid color for the table is the total protagonist.