Naturally all diamonds are unique like fingerprints. Similar to fingerprints, they disclose their differences very closely. The distinctive characteristics and irregular shape of diamonds are too tiny that this may only be noticed by experienced jewellers. For those who want a unique engagement ring, picking up irregular uniquely shaped diamond is not enough to make it different from thousands of other rings.

Diamond engagement rings are tremendously versatile. The versatility comes from their unique features. Diamond solitaires look similar from a distance, so it is difficult to draw the difference among various pieces. Therefore one should analyse the diamond’s shape, setting, and band style to make it unique.

Engagement Ring

  • Making Diamond Special

To make unique solitaire diamond, choose show-stopping diamond and set it simply. Appraisers and jewellers use “Four C’s” – cut, carat weight, clarity, and colour for assessing the quality of diamond. Diamond size is referred by carat weight, and there will be a dramatic impact on multi-carat diamond. A white diamond with good cutting and clarity consists of intense fire. The ability of jewellers to scintillate spectral colours makes the diamonds so nice. There are four properties of diamond; among them the clarity has a great impact on its overall appearance. The appearance does not depend on its size, as cloudy diamonds are less impressive whatever the size is. If you go for an online shopping of solitaire diamond, it is recommended to examine the stone picture very closely that there are no inclusions of feather-like within them.

  • Select Uncommon Shaped Diamond

The most popular shape of diamonds is round diamonds, they are also known as brilliant-cut diamonds. Other shapes   include pear, emerald, marquise, oval, and princess diamond solitaires are different from traditional round gems. Other cuts may go beyond the conventional styles completely for a really unique design.

  • Diamonds of Asscher Cut

Grown in 1902 by a couple of Dutch jewel cutters who gave the shape. The characteristic of Asscher cut is in square shape with 72 facets and blunted corners. An Asscher cut is a ventured configuration that has more in a similar manner as an emerald cut. The outline is a decent decision for the individuals who need an irregular design and shape with a strong history behind it.

  • Diamond Of Cushion Cut

This cut is mostly square or rectangular in shape and has sides which bow down outward like a cushion sides. It is additionally called candlelight, an old mine, pillow cut. Cushion cut is a recently released antique design with perfection. The cushion cut seems unique due to the facet’s complex arrangement.

  • Diamond Of Heart Shape

The heart shape diamond is significant for the romantic theme. You can choose the shape for your valentine or engagement. While choosing the heart shape diamond, be sure that the bride has other jewellery accessories of heart shape. This will enhance proper coordination.

  • Diamond of Trillion Cut

Triangular diamonds are generally used for a ring with three stones or in cocktail rings. The trillion cut is a brilliant design; it can be a good choice for a classic appearance with innovative design.

  • Unique Shape Of Diamond

All diamonds don’t have an easy shape. There are some specific features on special cut diamonds. The cutting depends on the cutter’s own art. The cutting can make the diamond unique. You will have to find out the uniquely cut diamond for your engagement ring.

  • Unusual setting

There are elegant options with variety to showcase the diamond beautifully. Choose the unusual setting, which is not commonly seen. For this, you need to study the market and observe all the settings, thus you will be able to find out the unique setting of the diamond.

If you really want to make your partner surprised with the unique design of diamond engagement ring, you should follow these tips with the suggestion for unique shape diamond.


Author Bio:

Roger Seth is a jeweller who has been exclusively dealing in diamonds for the past 15 years. His reviews about different cuts and types of diamonds have helped many to figure out which diamonds designer engagement ring to buy.