The chiffon is a very elegant fabric, used especially to make a evening dress or gown, and is also a very delicate texture and light. In addition to being shown the washing by hand, is also very important to the way in which it is going to be ironed. Here you will learn how to keep the most of its state of preservation.

As mentioned previously, the best way to clean and iron it is hand wash, preferably with warm water and very mild detergents, and then let dry the garment lie flat on a hanger. So we will eliminate most of the folds and it will be easier to treat the fabric with the iron board.


If the chiffon does not need a real washing, but wearing it we note many folds (especially conspicuous, as a mere eyesore), we can without problems be ironed using steam. Vaporize it with a flat iron at a safe distance, leaving the head hanging on the washing line and without having to touch it.

To iron in absolute tranquility check first that you selected on the iron to the appropriate temperature, excessive heat could easily burn the fabric. We test the effect of temperature always that we are using on a hidden corner so as not to possibly ruin the entire head. To protect the fabric, especially if we can not iron on the reverse, a cloth get ready often enough in light cotton, like old cloth, or a woolen cloth to be placed between the iron and the fabric. We try to stretch it while it is still damp after washing or moistened by sprinkling a bit of water, so it will be easier to remove creases. Let the garment is still hot on the axis and wait for it to cool before removing it and put it on a hanger: in this way we will keep the form data easily with iron. decorations or for applications is a different matter, since it does not require of use of iron, but only a slight vaporization.

Alternatively, if we are traveling and do not have the iron, do not be alarmed unnecessarily, there is always a solution to everything. The simple thing to do is hang the garment with the help of a drying rack (always very comfortable and not at all bulky to bring with you), in the bathroom, and take a shower: the hot steam will stretch the fibers and of course will smooth the folds.