Soon the high season wedding but really one can marry at any time of year. It has already shown his collection of headdresses for this year 2016 for brides in which includes different pieces that include inspired designs nature forests, flowers 35 models with simpler or more inspired by the crowns of the princesses to look more like lines. In addition, also the guest to the link can use them.


The collection

Vidal headdresses are made of flowers porcelain silk and shiny from the Middle East, and other materials have been used such as rhodium the ribbons of satin and sin may. The proposals include pieces from crowns to headdresses simpler way of forks or combs. Among the most striking pieces are the crowns in different designs, which also are seen styles of princesses that evoke those of royal houses or simple models in which the flowers are the main protagonists.

Thus, there are tiaras and crowns for all styles of wedding bride and types, including civilians and carried out in zones or farms field. The collection also bet on the forks to put a different styling touch. The models are more discreet in general, relying mostly by metalized designs with flowers and leaves and bright additions.

A different way to hold the veil and wear the headdress is the combs. Designed to carry one or placed on the ends to hold the crowns are more sophisticated than the forks options. Its design follows the same path in the collection. In addition, do not forget the creations 100% floral nor, apparently, are like brooches and pins, which are also very elegant to hold the veil of the bride.