The man of today’s fashion-conscious. The current men’s fashion is diverse. Whether for leisure or business, men now spend more money for trendy and high quality fashion. When it comes to men’s fashion, there are cool trends for this summer. The times in which fashion for men was uninspired and simply are over. This summer, for the fashion conscious Men are striking patterns, the color blue, sandals as footwear, shorts (which also and this is quite new can stop above the knee). And chic accessories by relevance

The Cool blue

The color blue can be this summer inserting different; times as faded jeans in the still current used style, sometimes as simple as cotton fringed vest or shirt. For the business day lock up the fashion conscious type a dark blue business suit in the closet. The color is just as classic as sexy.

Striking patterns and colors

Cheerful patterns are currently very much in evidence and at the same time a certain audacity. A silk shirt with floral print is just as much in the current trend list as a checkered polo shirt (to be integrated into the popular nerd look) as well as the light, floating linen trousers, the straight trousers or even the trendy Chino in Camel, Blue, Green, Yellow or burgundy. Only the prints should – be avoided – at least for the pants. When it comes to Business is a smart gray suit in neutral colors with contrasting squares fits perfectly in the summer.


Sandals complete the overall picture

A fashionable summer footwear like the toe separators and fabric sneakers, joins this summer, add the good old sandal. Whether in the Roman style, made of fine leather, raffia or jute, or laced with sisal Sohle, for everyone should be something. For safety reasons we do not at this point not to notice that socks stay at Sandals-days in the drawer!

From old to new

But Man (n) does not equal the whole wardrobe and new grant to stay fashionably up-to-date. Because with chic accessories can be obtained from older garments combine in an instant new look. A bracelet made of leather or silicone straps with steel elements and a pair of sunglasses in a retro style on the fresh summery outfit.


Men show leg. Whether subtly, in bright colors, patterned or plain – like shorts or Bermuda shorts for men may not be missing this summer. Men more likely to engage with slim legs and tight body-hugging cuts. Everyone else is having wide and casual Bermudas, or cargo shorts, the best advice.

They remain (s) for yourself!

Trend, color, shape and pattern play increasingly in fashion for the man involved. Even men like their personality through the clothing style and expression increasingly want to get out from the crowd and be fashionably dressed currently. And that’s good!