Probably every man had once been let’s say the famous saying “Men and fashion” in an ironic tone of voice. I say sometimes rightly, but are men nowadays become much more fashion-conscious than it was say, 20 years. This is not only the change in values, but because the man slowly realizes that the lady will grasp if one (s) just do not like Charlie Sheen , to just to name one example, combines the Bowl Ling shirt with sandals walking around with white socks.

Women find men attractive well dressed!

The Sexiness is increasing rapidly in this case if the man takes a lesson from the woman and dressed according to the current fashion for men. By the way, we will publish the trend for the winter in the next few days here on the blog. The men are in luck as far as the men’s fashion is not quite as fast as the women fashion converts; suits, Jacko, white shirts are to attract as good as ever and timeless look.


Probably the next thesis is true for both sexes, with men this is according to our observation still pronounced. Namely serving the clothing style of the individual personality identification. This is in turn heavily influenced by the factor of job and industry. It will be found in an advertising agency simply no one who does not even have the courage to color, contrast, within a scheme for smart suit and neatly knotted tie is compulsory the provisions are of course one of the reasons.


All in all, A lot has happened in the wardrobe of men what the ladies very pleased. The trend in casual clothing goes toward colorful, sporty accents and is frowned upon by accessories or a manicured beard is appreciated. Discuss with us! Write us what you attract in your spare time and tell us your experiences on clothing and women.