Like all heads of clothing to perfectly match a vest, the first rule is to make sure to take it properly with different colors, choosing with interest the article to be put. Just look at a few details while avoiding the most common mistakes that often you see around, you unquestionably professional show with a interesting impact in the eyes of others. For an interesting look using imagination, combining colors you will have the wonderful hues and unique. With this guide we see how to match the vest jacket with style and fashion.


There are several types, for all seasons, for any event, such a casual evening for a party, for a wedding. One with the V-shaped neckline, it must be cut with suitable enough to ensure that the collar does not wrap completely, those that are too long, they ruin the shape and line, must be well bonded to the chest that shape material the size of the people dress, must be sufficiently adapted life, taking unbuttoned the top button helps in continuous movements. In Formal wear the bodice should be kept buttoned, make sure that the shirt is snug as not to spoil the look .

The twisted like tweed, velvet, corduroy, avoid that appearance of shiny polyester with a touch of casual touch. The waistcoat with a three-piece clothing is usually of the same fabric which can be solid or broken, it should be always used with a tie or bow tie. In the classic collared shirt open is too informal to wear under the vest. For the style you can insert a less visible in contrast, such as a gray one, it should be worn under a blue jacket with a white shirt , striped, dark blue, with a gray tie, with dark jeans or with a pair of pants classic.

A black velvet bodice , perfectly matches with dark smoke on the jacket, with a pair of pants viscose blouse with small squares, combined with the jacket and waistcoat, creating another contrast between fabrics and colors, with a medium gray , can be paired and used with everything, expanding the choices in other tones and plotted. Jacket and waistcoat with neutral colors are to be put without problems. Dress with elegance and sophistication, it is always perfect, trendy and be admired. Now you can go out with a clothing to look at .