Mirror, mirror, what is the most beautiful princess of the kingdom? Today, these royal women are examined closely. Gala dinner, prize or in the street, its glamor “real” leaves trail wherever it happens. The princess Charlotte Casiraghi, Rania of Jordan, Letizia Ortiz and Kate Middleton are just some of them. But tell me, what is the makeup of your favorite princess? Some examples of the makeup of the royal women .

The quintessential glamorous princess. What are the keys to your party makeup?. The secret is a face clean, bright and smooth, with no imperfections. We’ll make it with natural makeup and long lasting.Zero defects, including dark circles and dark areas, pull illumination touch! To finish illuminate the face , cheeks with a subtle hint of color but den appearance of youth and good face. Some natural and juicy lips with shine and volume. The eyes slightly defined, marking only the form and just makeup. Sometimes you can opt for more intense makeup eyes or lips, but never both at once.


Let’s start by looking at the foundation using: makeup your background is clear, almost equal to the natural color of your skin giving it freshness and naturalness. Princess Letizia always sealed his face with translucent powder to prevent glare. The blush, usually a soft pink shade that distributes his face towards the temples. In the eye makeup, illuminating the shadows or even some browns, plums and purple discreetly applied are those used most often accompanied by a finely delineated on the tabs. Her lower eyelids are lined with green pencil as trick to give more prominence to the color of his eyes. A eyelashes not stand out too much, the mask defines something, but do not add too much impact. Do not overlook the outline, but it always takes care of a color very similar to your lipstick. For your lips, the soft tones like pink luster are accompanied by their favorite, but sometimes choose an occasional garnet.

Journal, this elegant princess preferred to use black eyeliner to the eyes always see very well shaped. Kate Middleton is seen that masterfully uses eyeliner. To get the look is essential to use mascara to sublimate and intensify the look. Did you know that your wedding day she put on makeup? For eye makeup, used a dark gray on the eyelid, which hardly faded. He outlined the following intensity upper and lower lashes with black mask and applied much up and down. In the fixed eyelid, applied a soft pink to soften slightly darker shade. Used with minimum brightness illumination under their pronounced eyebrows. On the other hand, applied pretty blush pink on the apples of the cheeks and the skin a little darker than usual. On the lips, applied a very natural pink rouge.

Queen of Jordan emphasizes its classic beauty with a very natural style, simple and minimalist. Regarding foundations finishes used nude, with touches of concealer to cover dark circles and brighten the look. It also highlights her eyes with sophisticated and smoked soft ocher and brown with black mascara. To follow the natural line, always choose very soft blush in peach and lips with a touch of gloss in pink or nude. We have seen that these women mark sophisticated style and personality and are the center of attention wherever they go, always with attention to detail. The style is modern princesses, know at any time what to wear and are imitated by world.