The make up, a skilful and delicate femininity tool, helps women to choose different looks depending on the personality, the moods, the circumstances and seasons. In this guide, we focus on the most appropriate makeup for the autumn in particular, the combination of different colors and products to use, discovering ideas and trends for these cold months. Each paragraph that follows will focus on a different make-up for a different style.

First of all, it is necessary to say a few words on the base to be used which in some respects may be similar if not the same for all the make up, I’m going to present below. First, spread a thin layer of cream all over your face (face each requires its own special cream: It is important that also acts as a base for make-up ), take the concealer to correct imperfections and dark circles, making sure to gently tap the surface to hide, roll it out even on the forehead between the eyebrows, chin and wrinkles that form around the mouth. Then apply liquid foundation and then a layer of powder.


My first choice is a makeup day closer to the season of falling leaves and the colors used are a demonstration. Choose a blue pencil and apply it above and below the eye. Then spread a thin layer of light brown eyeshadow in the initial part of the eye, while opt for a darker brown to be applied in the final part of the eye, with a brush gradient, gradient from the outside inwards, bringing a bit of dark brown on light. Finally apply a black mascara.

The second is a make-up for the evening, intense, sensual accentuates the look, it is more difficult to achieve because it requires the use of eyeliner strictly black. Their use is, however, subjective and varies according to the shape of eye, you can choose a more intense stretch or thin line, an extension beyond the eye or suddenly shorter. For those who have difficulty with the eyeliner can opt for the stickers, the adhesives in the form of eyeliner, can be purchased in different shapes or sections, with the application or not of rhinestones. Apply several times and when it loses grip you can use glue for false eyelashes.

My third proposal is to make up a suitable autumn winter because that is a makeup smokey eyes, but made ​​with shades of black and of light gold being careful to choose a tone very similar to the more delicate beige or champagne. Roll out the pearly gold eyeshadow all over the eye to below the eyebrows, define the contour of the eye with a black pencil above and below and realized the effect with a smokey eyeshadow intense black on the end of the eye, as you head up to the eyebrows, shaded black eyeshadow to make the stretch soft and delicate look.