And one of the things to which attention is paid on the day of lovers. course, even Bridget Jones had his success with his underwear, but we are in a book (or a movie) and even if you flaunting that if I love takes me as I am ‘in and out, some clever bit is always pleasant, both for the wearer but also for those who will.

We’re talking about underwear that Valentine is one of the details of the tip and brands are even special collections. Let’s look at a few, but the trend is toward something elegant or casual, intimate nothing too exuberant. Yamamy Rather than focus on the color red, Yamamay has chosen to focus on sexy models quite as intriguing as the baby doll delicious and totally transparent from jaunty matched with a thong or a Brazilian, but if you do not love the baby doll, better to focus on a padded bra Balconette to enhance if you have small breasts and breast to emphasize if it has a little more. The pink color makes it more ‘lolita’.


But there are also other items to choose from and if not enough, Yamamay also has a perfumed talc and luminescent nail polish and lipstick to complete your ‘put’. close these forthcoming focuses on lace, lace and macrame with a stunning glossy finish and even if the lines are aggressive, the combination of black and antique pink makes everything much more refined and chic! And the body becomes a tool of seduction, it helps to form the figure and emphasize the curves and breasts, but if you do not feel like bind So here is the push-ups and briefs or thong or pant with low waist.

However, if you are fond of black, here is the total black with a particular crystal that goes to emphasize the intersection of the bra cups. Tezenis Tezenis does not have a specific line but among the various leaders, here bodice and thong or bra and panty low or shorts all in decorative lace and tulle. If you want something softer, point to black but with a 50’s style with tulle and giant polka dot tone on tone, but this is the body that highlights the shoulders and cleavage with tulle or bra shaped with a Brazilian and also a petticoat.

They are also leaders who make and model curves because we are not all women bread stick. If you want something more transgressive guidance to the combination yellow and purple bra and thong. Oysho Oysho also has a collection dedicated but you can try the new floral lace for Valentine’s Day and it is better to use black for both the thong that for the bra that you can choose between push-ups, only with under wire or padded by the need to highlight, support or volumizing. Now you can choose what you want, the prices are generally content. An addition to your look? A smile for your him, that should not ever fail.