We’ve all seen at least one fashion victim in our lifetime – maybe it was your friend or a family member, or maybe it was just someone passing you by in the street. It doesn’t matter who it was or what you saw, it still brings the same feelings of dread. “What were they thinking?!” “But Why?!” are just some of the questions that come to mind. Unfortunately in this day and age, with such crazy, ever changing trends, it’s easy to fall victim to the trends! So to help solve this dilemma, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of dos and donts this season in the fashion world!


Balayaged hair

Whilst this trend was huge last season, it’s definitely reached its peak. Looking like you are in desperate need to get your roots redone is just not a good look anymore! It can make your whole look a lot less polished if you fall victim to the trend


Subtle highlights

This season it’s all about ‘barely there’ highlights. It’s an extremely natural look without looking like a homeless person. Subtle highlights can brighten up your hair and make you look like you’ve just come home from a beach vacation. This is certainly the look for this summer!


Chunky jewelry

Chunky jewelry is well and truly out this season. Instead of letting your jewelry dominate your outfit, let your outfit speak for itself this season! Chunky jewelry can definitely look tacky if overdone – so put it all in your drawers for another time!


Dainty diamonds

This season it’s all about dainty diamonds. Diamonds just scream class and will stay in fashion forever (not just this season.) Go for necklaces with tiny diamond pendants or tennis bracelets. Luckily there are a lot more affordable options on the market these days depending on cut and clarity etc -Michael Hill Jewellers have our pick this season.


Over straightened hair

This stick thin hair trend is definitely out this season. This was never a look that suited everybody – you had to have a certain shape face for it to look good. Aside from that, with the summer heat, this look is just impractical. So throw away those hair straighteners and let you hair run free!


Summer waves

There’s nothing better than ‘just came from the beach’ waves. This laid back style is the way to go this season. Not only is it gorgeous and suits most face shapes, but it’s easy to maintain. Just pop some mousse into your wet hair and start ‘scrunching’ from the bottom up with your hands. If you’re not a fan of hair mousse then put your wet hair in a high bun and let it dry naturally – the result will be gorgeous, beachy waves!

So there you have it! Just a few fashion tips to get you through this summer heat looking hot. Just promise us you won’t be a fashion victim this season!