Not only the different fits of jeans confuse the terms for the colors or washes are endless. Of batik to Moon washed.

Jeans is not the same jeans. The sighing must admit some women. Because it takes more than just the color blue, to look good in it too. Fits for jeans, there are many. From boot cut and straight over skinny, baggy boyfriend to style himself climbs the terms diversity. But not only the average, the special wash, tint or type of substance Jean decides just “in” again or “out.” Here is the second part follows by the terms of the Jungle Jeans. Have fun!

Miami White or White Denim

Jeans in White were at least popular in the hot summer of 2012. Even in winter, they should shine even more, but they should not be more then white combine in white. Silver looks stylish but this, in any case. With metallic booties you then look like the time Barbarella.

Jeans in Faded Denim

As Faded Denim is called washes in the gradient. Initially it was only blue washes, from dark (hip) to bright (hem), there she is now in all colors. Caution also applies here: consult the mirror. Does it look good, it emphasizes strong love handles or thighs excessively?


Denim Jeans in Candy

Again, it’s about the colors that washes of jeans. As the word Candy suggests, are “candy” colors, soft pastel colors, where the jeans are available. Vanilla, mint, sorbet colors, but also creamy soft autumnal tones.

The Indian Summer Skinniest

While in the spring of 2012 nor the pastel jeans, the autumnal Jeans look invites to Indian Summer a color. In pine green, burnt orange, blackberry or the popular Seton they are offered. To compensate for the narrow leg shape wide Schlesinger sweaters fit in the same colors or contrasting colors. But please really look in the mirror. Who has great legs, no matter what age, can and should contribute. Both hackishnesses how patterns or pumps in color blocking style, and flat shoes to match. Who wants it more trendy wears, the hem just above the ankle.

Batik or camouflage jeans

They are also already been there before. Also sometimes called splashed jeans. Sea of ​​bright tones to pure Army camouflage tint everything is on offer. In versions of skinny to boyfriend cut. Not to be combined easily. Booties look but definitely good for them, but also Doc Martens.

Cocktail or metallic jeans

These pants are not for everyday wear, but that they are for the date, suitable to the club or the best Saturday night. They are usually cut narrow, which in turn wide or casual sweaters falling silk blouses go great with it. Do not wear tight tops to the looks cheap-slippery. We Also pointed court shoes, but also boots.

Distressed and destroyed jeans

Torn, frayed, washed with holes Moon washed (pumice and bleach) with sandblasting on old, this Jean washes are popular as ever. Who, however, even a bit more about making informed and associated labor risks buys these pants with a clear conscience, not every season.