What are the most fashionable bags of the season Fall-Winter 2012-2013? Because, you know, at each change of season also change the current must-haves.

Needless to sit there and rub the nose, the bags must be those of the great fashion houses. There is little to do but there is much to be imitated. While there is an important house that launched the current must-haves, on the other hand, there are the big chains low cost (see Zara, H & M, Asos and Top shop) who are ready to ‘inspiration’ and ‘play’ more reasonably priced models coolest. So, back to us, as it will be a super fashion (because I imagine that the bases have assimilated ) during the next winter season? You have to know the accessories coolest and today I speak of handbags, ladies handbags important. Mind you because it bags are special, they can have a unusual design, can show off prints unusual, in fact are a must and are distinguished from it all!

One of the most fashion of the time is the clutch all painted by Alexander McQueen . It’s called De Manta (yes, even has a name, like all!) and is a model flavor vintage. It is made ​​of beautiful satin and what characterizes it, as you can see from the photo above, it is the smoothness of the profiles, a bit ‘like a pastry that is collapsing in on itself.


Another interesting and very fashionable model is the one made ​​by Gucci and is called Soft Stirrup . This model is the it bag of the season of the Italian fashion house. It is very large and is carried on the shoulder. Made of soft leather has leaves baroque carved on it. Another model is the very nice doctor bag Prada , made ​​of leather and brushed off white embellished with lovely flowers blacks contrasting profiles and gold. Bottega Veneta goes even on its clutch Knot just for the winter season offers the reptile colored: green, black or purple iridescent.

Among the models by day is the most sober and authoritarian 2jours bag by Fendi. ‘s a leather handbag made ​​with two variants of the same color, the lighter and darker. It is also equipped with soft shoulder strap. I offer it in this wonderful blue color. About doctor bag , already mentioned above in the case of Prada, even Lanvin presents his personal version, among other things very simple that reminds one of their doctors at a time. His is made ​​entirely of leather and gold metal finish.