“I love my lips. I have full lips, perfect for kissing, and they are quite real, they are not fake”
I remember that I interviewed Jesse Jane in 2002 or was it 2003? It does not matter. We were in Las Vegas and Jesse was already a star. Beautiful, sexy (of course) and extremely friendly. That I remember very well the brief encounter with Jesse. And I remember her smile. Obviously she will not remember me, but that’s understandable).

In the meantime, Jesse Jane star further raised. They should now like the famous actress in the adult industry consider. Digital Playground contract actress, Jesse appears regularly on television and radio shows and in mainstream magazines, not only photos but also as a columnist. In this interview we talk about men Jesse Jane, her first time on camera, about sex and how to get a guy tells you that you’re not interested in him.


How glamors or How non glamors

There are days when my life really like glamor and there are days that are not.

It all depends on what I’m doing. When I work, I travel to beautiful environments, be my hair and makeup done and award shows, I wear crazy clothes. I do a lot of things glamorous. But when am at home, then I hang around, I’m exercising, walking, or I spend time with my mother. I love that. Sometimes all that traveling really UN-glamorous like because you are all the time in airports and airplanes, and you often have to wait and that is not fun.

What do like most about your body and why

I love my lips. I have full lips, perfect for kissing, and they are quite real, they are not fake.

Do you remember the first time you stood before the camera for an adult movie?

Sure, you can not just forget the first time. I was not really nervous. There were two camera crews and Digital Playground did the shooting and were further Showtime cameras that recorded for the show ‘Family Business’. Everyone came to talk with me make me reassure nervous like I was and when I looked at them and said, ‘Let’s just quickly get to work and start to shoot sex’. I was made ​​for this job.