Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic movies in the history of film. This film came out in 1961 and was set in New York City. This movie won two Oscar awards. This movie also stared Audrey Hepburn who was a fashion icon in the nineteen sixties, and this movie really marked a spark in the fashion industry and has some iconic fashions that are still around today.

The very first scene of the movie gave us our first iconic fashion, this was the little black dress that Holly Golightly is wearing as she approaches the window at Tiffany’s. This dress goes over her shoulders then comes down her back but the leave her back pretty much open except for a small piece of dress that connects the upper back to lower back. This dress is elegant and is very well accented by the elbow gloves that she has on, and the beautiful jewels that she has on. This dress really was an iconic dress and many dresses have the same look today, and the dresses that look a lot like the one in this iconic scene are still as majestic as the one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


Another fashion that really spring boarded out of this movie was the very bright colors and the dark sunglasses. In this movie Holly wore really bright pinks and oranges with dark accenting pieces. She wore a lot of dark glasses and hats. This is a really cool fashion because the bright colors really catch your attention and then you are drawn to the sleek look of the dark accents. One other look that Audrey really made into a iconic look is the turtle neck. The turtle neck that Audrey was wearing in the movie has a very loose collar so it kind of hangs off her neck. This is something that is really popular even today as more and more people are beginning to wear shirts with that type of collar.

As the movie progress more and more iconic fashions come out. One that was throughout the movie was the big hair, and big hats with jewelry accents. In one hair-do Holly has a beautiful jewel encrusted tiara that is beautiful. That is not the only beautiful piece of jewelry in the movie, there were a ton of earrings and rings that Holly would wear to dazzle everyone around her. This is a practice that is still used today from celebrities to even the average citizen and it’s very important to keep them in jewelry safes.