The shorts are a comfortable garment fresh and very typical of the summer. It allows you to show off our legs, maybe tanned, without showing more! Can we sit down, cross your legs, bend down to pick something up, with the peace of mind that our underwear is not showing. But we must not consider only for the summer, if combined in the right way can be suitable for any time of year. The overall effect is outstanding and we will be well enough to want to put more! The intent of the following is to show you the best ways to wear shorts in winter .

In the first place it must be remembered that we can not use our summer shorts even in the cold, unless these are jeans . too lightweight fabrics on socks are heavy, in fact, a real eyesore. Velvet, wool and cloth are fine, better if you choose dark colors or at least warm, or tartan, which this year are also back in fashion. On the model we have free choice according to our tastes: high waist , low, balloon, pleated. The important thing is that it is not too short, even if the legs are not bare the same risk of being vulgar.


As it is obvious that it is the second thing to keep in mind is that you have to put under shorts stockings. We can indulge in their choice of color, fantasy and thickness. Some people prefer the tone on tone and those who aim to enhance their outfits opting for contrast. It is essential not to fail in good taste, usually the shorts should be darker than the tights. If the shorts is monochromatic we are free to match socks particularly worked, but if it consists of more colors or if you have any design is absolutely necessary approach a simple model.

And over what to put? Okay a little ‘everything depends fundamentally on our way. But it is clear that a sweater is too long is not suitable because, cover it. If you just can not help but to put it, we use a boundary that shortens slightly so that see also shorts. If it is high-waisted shorts, of course, you should use a mesh or a thin shirt so that it can be tucked inside and is visible on its model.

And the shoes? Those sneakers are totally unwrapped, more suitable for summer but with the right socks are to be avoided. To slim the figure our heels and wedges are fine, especially if you are not particularly high. In this case, it is also necessary to avoid ankle boots, especially if you are not so skinny, why shorten and widen further. If you routinely use, for example, amphibians or boots without heels, we can put even when we wear shorts. They can be used also at any height of the shoe ankle, calf, knee.