Some girls can not wear contact lenses, or perhaps because they are annoying because they tear the eye. If you are one of these girls do not need to despair, because in this guide we will explain how to have beautiful eyes in the back of the lens.

The first thing to do is to have at your fingertips everything you need. It should of course of mascara, a pencil of the same color as the frame of the glasses, eye shadow matte cream-based and a magnifying mirror. If you have for example a frame on black, just consult the complementary colors that you have for pencils and choose the one closest to the color of the frame. This part of the work is essential, because from here depends on the result of the trick and the emphasis that will have your eyes. Take therefore the right time to examine all shades of color that are closest to your frame, until you have found the right one or best one for you is fine. The complementary color is the opposite of that of the frame, to find there are special tables that should be consulted.


After choosing a color pencil complementary to that of eyeglass frames, you need to pass the ‘ eye shadow cream-colored opaque over the entire eyelid up to the eyebrow arch. After that you can take a pencil or alternatively another eye shadow of the same color of the pencil. It is important that the eye shadow is not pearl or brilliant, because behind the lenses would be an unpleasant effect: You should always make opaque colors. We must spread the eye shadow, or use a pencil above his eyes, if you are short-sighted is advisable to spread the eye shadow, also under the eyelids, for the myopic lenses tend to shrink what’s behind it.

Once this is done, you can switch to using the mascara: it takes a long and must be passed both above and below the eye. The same procedure is used even if you are presbyopia, even if the pencil should be used only within the contour of the eyelid and never outside, because the reading glasses tend to enlarge the eye. The pencil or eye shadow should always be taken of the complementary color to that of the frame, but we need to be much more careful not to leave the boundaries. Enlarging the eye, the eye shadow could in fact give an unpleasant effect if too strong: it is therefore necessary to make a painstaking job.