Pencil Skirt : This is the skirt that falls straight from the waist to the ankles. If you have a lean physique and long-limbed this type of skirt will give you a very stylish look and will help to elongate your figure. If you have no life or have very narrow hips pronounced avoided this kind of skirt unless you want to be more clumsy and lower. The Board, in general, is to wear underwear under her long skirts tube that signs but that models a little silhouettes and shoes with high heels .

The skirt was a must ’50s and is back in fashion this year. Capacity at mid-calf that air gives you a little ‘retro but beware: if you do not have a leaner physique this kind of skirt put much in evidence the hips creating the classic hourglass silhouette typical of those years. So choose carefully the shoes to match it, to avoid the dancers are in favor of Mary Jane with square heel , and keep in mind that if you opt for a jersey long lengthen the torso and slaves Ceredigion your shape: a better blouse Us emphasize the shoulders.


Pleated skirt or pleated skirt , is one of the most difficult to bring skirts need to wear long legs and sit high and firm. If you are among the lucky ones to have these two requirements the pleated skirt you fall to wonder!

Skirt Gypsy : This is the classic skirt wide under the safe in which the most of us hide the legs. I have the cliffs or the skirt is embroidered gypsy has the great defect to broaden and lower the conformation. It is not recommended for a bit all.

Gonna hi-lo: is the long skirt down to her feet behind and very short front. It was fashionable a few years ago and has now come back. This skirt emphasizes the waist (even to those without them) and calves.

Monochrome skirt: the skirt in one color allows you to do lots of tops, shoes and accessories estrus or for a more sober look for a gala evening. But be careful as always to the colors: light colors tend to expand while the dark ones to streamline.

Skirt imagination: the fantasies help to defuse this head. But be careful not to fall into the ridiculous: the prints will be appropriate to your age and the colors very close to each other. Do you prefer large prints if you want to camouflage your bet size, the prints more minute if you want to emphasize your hips. The flowery patterns have a kind of bohemian, a vaguely hippie, then take them only if you feel a bit ‘romantic. The geometric designs are able to give you some size smaller.

Now that you have discovered the secrets of long skirts , trousers and banning mini dress and go-ahead to the skirts. You are warned: once you’ve experienced the long, you will not go back ever!