It seems hard to believe, but a pareo can easily turn into a thousand different clothes, ready to show off on the beach or in the evening by the ethnology-chic flavor . What to do? Here are a few of the infinite ways to tie a sarong in order to impress your friends on every occasion. Both day and night!

For example, if you want to create a dress that can be suitable both as a cover-up or to show off for a drink on the beach, choose a sarong wide cut. With the pareo on the back , below the shoulders, take the two ends, and Annalee portal on the front just below the breast. Resume ends and covering her breasts with each end (like a bikini) provincial behind his back with a knot to close.

If you are in for a special evening and you want to combine a black top with a fancy pareo, tie it instead as a skirt. To do this, take the short side of the shorts and put it at the waist, take the two ends and Annalee behind his back. Now go do the other side of the shorts between the legs and tie the two ends of life.

If you want an original outfit for a romantic dinner or an evening of dancing , focuses on mono shoulder . To accomplish this, you need a maxi however pareo. begins with keeping a sarong end of the left shoulder, while wearing the other end under the right arm, before passing it behind his back and then on the front. Once you’ve wrapped, without the two ends with a single node on the left shoulder. The asymmetric shape will make you truly special!

If you have a pair of pants and you want to recreate an original top, take a sarong that is more square as possible. Take the two ends and Legal behind the neck, as a gag, leaving the soft collar. Now take the other two ends and life behind the portal, where announcer. You’ll get a top nude look back! If points on a bustier top, fold the triangle pareo, Place it at the breast with the tip pointing down, ties the two ends behind your back and you’re done!