The shoes are key part and often very expensive in our wardrobes. For this reason we always need a lot of care of our shoes, just so they will last over time, and we should not set them aside after only one season. For a good care of the shoes, the must always be kept clean, controlled, and since the first sign of damage we have to make the repair. It is not difficult to take care of, our grandparents, they walked with a pair of shoes for years, and they were very good at knowing how to keep new, so follow my lead, and learn to take care of your shoes.


First of all, let’s say you have a good care of his shoes is a sign of cleansing, and then sets us apart. Having said this we must emphasize that any type of shoe is made ​​of a different material:
There are those of paint to make them more brilliant rub the with the paraffin, give them the shine and prevent it from sticking. then there are those suede on these if we maybe the marks left by rubbing with a few steps of the staircase or sidewalk of the street we can use the eraser, but if we are anointed to use a simple stain remover.

In the summer we always use shoes usually made ​​in soft cloth, but how to prevent it and how to clean dirty? For shoes canvas we use the shampoo very common, and if they are we will also use the new protective. Often happens that the shoes will blacken, to clean the mud just let it dry, then remove with a knife. We lift the stain with a damp cloth, and when they dry the embroiderer. A great alternative if you do not have the shiny, we can use a furniture polish of the same color.

The main cause for many women, are the heels. we can protect the heels of new shoes with transparent enamel, will serve to not consume them and also protects the cork heels. Another good first step that we can take for our beloved footwear is to eliminate evil worship, if present, in the market there are different types of deodorant for shoes but if you do not want to spend an amount we can safely use, the simple baking soda, dust just a bit inside the shoes in the evening and you will see that the morning will be free from smells terrible, and you can leave quietly.