Makeup extremely gives the good effect for you especially for women. With applying makeup it can make you look gorgeous and flawless. Without makeup you can look dull and not interesting. Makeup is versatility to use for different occasion.

Are you wondered the perfect makeup? How to apply makeup professionally for the perfect look?

In this occasion, we will explain about how to put on makeup professionally. We will answer your asking about it. Read more this article to get the best solution and knowing to make the perfect makeup. Hopefully this article useful and make as your references. Check below this to more information about applying the makeup professionally. Here are;

Makeup Professionally

1.)  Knows your skin tone type:

The first thing you have to do before you begin to apply makeup knows your skin tone type. Whether you dry, oil, combination or perfectly moisturizer. There are varying products for your skin type. You can ask to professional to help you find the best product accordance your skin type.

2.) Wash your face:

Before you apply makeup, make sure you wash face with. Clean you face with good facial soap and toner. There are vary type of skin toner, choose one best that will best work for your skin type. Other than it, wash your hand make sure your hand are clean.

3.) Apply a moisturizer:

Apply a moisturizer and serum before makeup. The first apply a moisturizer and then serum. For best result, apply any lotion into your skin about 10 minutes before makeup application. Gently rub with your ring finger or middle finger at entire skin face.

4.) Apply a foundation:

Apply foundation that is appropriate with your skin tone. Foundation will give the makeup long last and smooth out the skin surface. Use brush or sponge as applicator. Apply in any areas into nose, hairline, under the chin and neck.

 5.) Apply a concealer:

After apply foundation, and then apply concealer. Concealer is useful for cover your blemishes such as spots. Use your finger to blend the concealer, apply in very lightly to the area that you want to conceal.

6.) Apply a powder:

The next step you should to do is apply a loose powder. Apply a powder into entire the face with powder brush. To cheeks, chin and forehead apply a bronzer tone.

7.) Apply a blush on:

Apply a blush on your check areas give as accentuate. If you want to create high checks bone, apply dark color and use the larger brush to swept over the brush and blend it.

8.) Apply eye liner:

Use soft black or brown to line them. For upper lid, apply with very light strikes. For bottom lid, apply a very light amount on the outer corner.

9.) Apply eye shadow:

There are many colors you can choose. Use your experiment to make it look perfect and more interest. Apply the lighter tone color for first to the lid, and then apply dark color with brush to blend them.

10.) Apply mascara:

Use a lash curler before you apply mascara. Use waterproof mascara for best result and long last.

11.) Apply eyebrow:

Apply the natural eyebrow color. Apply the eyebrow to any part and to fill in missing areas.

12.) Apply lipstick:

Use lip liner that is matches with your lip color. And then apply lipstick with brush. For final touch, use lip gloss to give the light shine.