Nowadays, unfortunately, acne affects millions of girls and boys, sometimes even up to 40 years of age. Although it is preferable to consult a dermatologist to approach to healing, there are many recipes that you can easily prepare at home and acting on blemished skin of the face. So today we will see how to make a natural mask against acne. It is important to remember that this preparation has no contraindications and can be used by anyone, unless of course hypersensitivity to any component. Let’s see how to proceed.

The mask purifying learn how to do that today, owes its action to a particular ingredient, or honey. Then bought a jar of honey made ​​within the European Union, and possibly from organic farming. Of course, make sure it is fluid and has not begun to crystallize. Precisely for this reason should be discarded old remnants found in the pantry. With regard to the type of honey, then you have the possibility to choose the one you prefer. Waves can, however, would be preferred acacia honey: more than all the other variants, in fact, the latter has a high sebum normalizing and nourishing properties.


It will then be time to switch to the preparation itself. Take a bowl and pour in two tablespoons of honey. Then add two tablespoons of yeast in beer (available at any health food) and work it all with a spoon. Be careful to mix the ingredients very carefully, continuing in operation for at least five minutes. At the end of the given time you will get a smooth paste. Before application thoroughly cleanse the face, so as to remove any impurities. Then take the gauze sterile cotton, dip them in cream and capable removing the excess product on the areas affected by acne apply them. The expedient of gauze will let the honey does not leak everywhere. The shutter speed will be twenty minutes, after which you’ll have to remove the gauze and gently rinse your face with water to remove any residual warm up the mask.