All we have in house old shirts that no longer use. But instead of throwing them away or use them as rags why not transform them into a unique and original accessory like a necklace? By following the simple steps in this guide you will see how easy it is make of colorful necklaces personalized with your old t-shirts .

By following the simple steps that I’ll explain in this guide you will realize not only the beautiful necklaces and bracelets colorful but also tail firm. All you need are some old shirts, if they are colored it is even better because you can have fun with each other to combine colors Necklaces realize that. So to start, get a t-shirt and make sure it is clean and free of holes or tears.

Spread it on the work surface and with the very sharp scissors cut and remove the bottom of the shirt, at the seam of the fold. Now cut the shirt into strips about an inch until you get under the sleeves. Having obtained a series of clamps, Take them one by one, allen gale and drop them, you’ll see that you will roll on themselves by forming long “snakes”.


In fact, the base of the series is already done, you just need to free up your imagination to personalize Here are some tips: you can simply join more rings, made ​​of various colors tied with a noose made ​​from a strip of fabric. You can sew or slip them directly on the zebra beads , wood beads or other decorations for bijuox adding charms or pendants.

If you like woven motifs, cut strips and realizes the braids, perhaps playing on colors and shades, then close them by sewing a fabric flower to join the two ends. cutting the strips can reduce its diameter and thus create the bracelets and wrist bands to be combined with necklaces. You can also create some nice tail firm to tie your hair, threading colored beads on cotton threads of varying lengths and sewing them on the strips.