Match the bag to shoes has been for years a must indispensable symbol of elegance and charm. However, it seems that in recent years this trend is increasingly replaced by a new trend: the stock market as an element of separation from the clothing. A bag is granted an element of extravagance in addition, a touch of bright colors or an unusual material. In any case, the matching shoes-bag is always an element of glamor indispensable in certain occasions, an element of the values ​​the look, which often radically changes the outfit making it special. Let us now see what are the best combinations bag-shoes and the worst mistakes you can make in the area of the look.

One of the most common trends in the past was the perfect combination bag-shoes , trying to find the same color of the bag in shoes and vice versa. This principle, apparently so simple, turns out to be, however, quite difficult in practice. Every color, in fact, has a completely different tone that, if combined, instead of communicating a sense of harmony create a disastrous look. Consider, for example, the combination of maroon and magenta on a total black look , which would prove to be a real flop. Therefore, you must ensure that you have the same color both for the shoes to the bag. Furthermore, it is necessary to pay attention on the material, avoiding to combine two accessories that perfectly match the color, but strongly clash with regard to the material.


The second trend is to disconnect completely. The bag is seen as extravagant or flashy accessory to embellish a simple look. We will refer again to a total black look, which also included shoes the same color, this case is a bright color or even fluorescent, it would create a very sophisticated look and original, especially nowadays, based on current trends, would be a very apt and modern.

Finally, you can have one last type of coupling, a little more elaborate, but effective: the combination of different colors. Combine two different bright colors on a dress in a neutral color or match a bright color to a neutral is a very modern and shows impeccable taste. In order to properly combine colors is necessary, in fact, have a strong aesthetic sense. This choice must be reasoned and special attention should be placed to avoid blunders.