If in our wardrobe we have different types of sports bags, classic or particularly suitable for gala dinners, as well as the choice subject to clothes in general should also be combined according to different types of objects and jewels of gold. Let us see in this guide how to match the handbags to jewelry.

Let’s start with the so-called bag sports or everyday, which can be of leather natural colored leather, with simple buckles or with special accessories like rhinestones and studs. This kind of bag goes well with jewelry type bracelet and rings of gold and silver with enamel decorations, in light colors it is a kind of bag is also clear in the case of leather or colored so typical summer.

During the hottest time of year, a great match with these types of bags , is to use jewelry such as a crewneck leather with a central medallion of gold enamel decorated with flags in a nautical theme or a compass rose . The classic handbags according to the colors you can also wear every day, so while in summer colors tend to be lighter as a brownish or ones that set the trends in the winter instead of the bag color black is the most popular with guests. Indeed, the latter, accompanied by very heavy clothes, less colorful and more suited to the season in question. The combination of jewelry in this bag, I’m still kind of classic as it comes to gold bracelets, rings with stones and cubic zircon, while for special events can be combined with a bracelet of white gold or red to a thousand meshes. Any baked enamel finishes (few) contribute to customize the pairing and the consequent personal look.


A special clothing is between the bags and the jewelry is typically classic in design and structural form In fact, if we have a python bag or crocodile, especially during galas, weddings, events and banquets, they require a combination specifically with real artifacts of jewelry. An example might be to use a cuff bracelets rich road and glitter, rings with precious stones or even a thin necklace if it is a choker pendant or if it is enriched with precious stones A good match also specific for the event, for this type of bag is undoubtedly the jewel clock small, wiry and categorically white gold.