In this guide, we will teach you to make more comfortable your new shoes looking beautiful and fashionable, but the shoe tight and stiff. Generally, new shoes need a few days to immobilisers but here you will be provided of useful tips for find out how to make your shoes more comfortable.

Put briefly in the store do not have advertiser pain, because they have not had time to adapt to the shape of your foot. The most natural way to enlarge them is to wear them for about half an hour, or an hour if you can bear it, every day, taking them off when you start to feel pain. You will see that after a few days will become more soft and comfortable.

If you have any bags at home to preserve foods in the freezer, you could fill them with water and insert them inside the shoes and then store them in the freezer. This method uses the pressure of the water frozen. relief may intervene in your paper. Shape into balls of paper and impregnated alcohol enter the impregnated paper in the carp, coming right at the bottom to the tip modulate and giving it shape. Leave it for a whole night. The alternative is to wear them with the socks wet. This advice is useful in case of leather shoes because it helps to soften and enlarge it slightly. careful not to insist too much when using liquids to avoid the glue necklines.


In your favor is also involved heat. Put on thick socks, even more pairs, and worn your shoes, with the help of dry hair, blow hot air on the footwear insisting in the most painful.
To expedite the process, revenue and expanded by the deformed while working the dryer. Wait until the shoe has been gunned down before removing the foot and check the comfort wearing thinner socks. Repeat the process until the desired result. Heat can dry out the skin, so it is the shoes with a cream after work.

In the pharmacy, or in well-stocked supermarkets, there are several tools to make the shoes more comfortable and wider. Among the tools available the silicone pads do not slide your foot and to protect the heel and sides of the fingers from blisters. You can also paste of rubber soles under the shoe to avoid slipping or, in the alternative, just make the sole rougher with sandpaper.