The trick is of considerable importance for every woman, she devotes many hours to the care of your body, the beauty of her hair and make-up everyday. In addition to a beautiful styling and a good makeup base, we must learn how to operate in the correct manner, the various products: lipstick, blush, mascara and pencil, must be chosen also because of our complexion and hair color and eyes. The use of the pencil for eyes, will be destined to the inner part of the eye, that to the external, what compatible with the shape of the same and of its size. Let’s see how make up the inner rim of the eye.

To make up the inner rim of the eye, you will have to use the pencils of good quality, and be certain not to submit allergies to the purchased product. Experiment on and check the right degree of compatibility. Consider that the trick inserted into the inner rim of the eye, tends to move farther away, especially if they are black or brown, it is obvious that if you have small eyes, I suggest you apply the pencil, just outside the perimeter of the eye, so as to show the eye bigger.


Once you have chosen the appropriate color for the inside of your eye (brown, black, blue, or green), always remember not to get up to the innermost one that extends to the root of ‘eye, where the tear duct. The pencil, during application, will be held in parallel to the eye, in an alternative use of Kajal, but considered that only the pencils of excellent quality waterproof can not run. Alternatively outlined the contour of your eyes, both in the lower part of the upper eyelid which, by acting from the outside and not from within the same.

If you have a very intense acclimation, you will end up with the internal makeup smudged eye only a few minutes after its application, in this case I recommend you opt for a different make-up and best suited for your eyes. There is nothing more annoying to a smudged make made ​​with care and attention. Given that excessive tearing, may also be due to a true allergy or intolerance comparisons of the product. To fix your makeup, you can use a small amount of eye shadow of the same color (black on black pencil blue pencil on blue, green on green pencil etc..). Another technique to set makeup inside the eye, consists in taking advantage of the heat of a lighter and burn slightly, the pencil drawing of the same flame . You’ll have to burn the tip of mine for a few moments (about 3 seconds). I recommend you try to adopt this method, because it seems to be the only really good trick, to make sure that your makeup lasts longer remain attached to the inside of the eyelid. If this also fails the system, and you find yourself cast the trick in a few minutes, take seriously the opportunity to apply a different make-up.