Many people believe that creams, shampoos, perfumes, makeup and other cosmetics, can be produced only by large companies and that you can only find in perfumeries, department stores, health food stores etc, but not exactly. You can also do quietly in the house. In some cases it is easy, others do too, but prepare them with his own hands, paying due attention to the ingredients, it’s definitely a healthy and economical solution and their effectiveness often exceeds that of some expensive products on display in the window. If topic you are passionate about, follow this guide and you will find useful advice.

Prepare yourself with the cosmetics can be quite complicated, not because of the difficulty in creating them, but in being able to find the materials first necessary. To make a cream nutritious, in practice it takes a long time, but if you can not find such oils needed, Shea butter, antioxidants or beeswax, things get complicated.
Arrange instead of all the right ingredients, it means having to take a handful of minutes of our time and the cosmetic done! So, in summary, if you plan to use the most effective and natural products, saving significant digits, you can choose two ways:


The first way: all produce virtually every type of cosmetic at home, in an almost professional. In this case, they must be collected several recipes conveniently online or by purchasing some manual dedicated to cosmetic preparations housewives. You can then order the raw materials at specific sites where you can easily find what you need: antioxidants, thickeners, waxes, butters, oils, emulsifiers, empty bottles and much more: so all the material that would be difficult to find easily in normal stores (apart from the common linseed oil, almond, argan or other similar). Spend a total of a lot of money, but keep in mind that all the ingredients purchased will last you a lot and there will be enough in fact to prepare many products without spending more money in the shops, so it is worth it. Who will decide for the first time to approach all of this, perhaps not immediately find it easy to move between all this material, but gradually perfectly able to understand how to handle it.

The second way: use recipes so simple and affordable for everyone who does not wish to engage in special preparations which, as we have seen in the previous step, leading to the purchase of large quantities of raw materials and the development of recipes more complex, can always use the simplest ingredients and find on the web (or library) more easy recipes. You can still make products that are healthier and more effective than some cosmetics for sale.