You have been invited to spend an evening at the sea and do not know how to dress? In three simple steps will explain what to choose from your wardrobe, without being excessive and out of place. I recommend that you choose a comfortable clothes and put you at ease, do not overdo it with excessive necklines or extremely fine detail shimmering, ansi play with the accessories. Dressing in a sober and chic is the key to everything.

Wearing a dress is a great alternative to the usual jeans or shorts summer, you can play with the colors and materials. There are various types of garments, from the most classic and elegant cocktail dress to the mini dress nightclub. Depending on the situation you will choose your type of dress and accessories are definitely important detail! Play with bracelets with stones, colors and details in wood, long necklaces and pendants and intricate detail. Big earrings embellished with blue stones or white. These details will give your outfit a nice effect and especially summer!


Do not neglect your nails, a good manicure and nail art eccentric or delicate as a french will definitely stand out on your tan. Nails of hands and feet have to be matched! Be careful not to create conflict, they are fashionable and definitely give that effect very attentive and careful, especially at the beach where they are in the foreground.

The shoes are definitely a problem, avoid high heels and flip flops in plastic! We recommend to combine a nice pair of wedges colorful and comfortable to walk, surely the material is important, avoid leather, plastic and various plots that might accumulate sand Wedges Heels straw are ideal if you can raise for walking barefoot on the beach. As for the hair, you can pick the hairstyles that you like and if you do not fear the heat you can also let them loose, creating small curls at the ends If you want to exaggerate and bring out more work on your tan, apply a body lotion with glitter golden, shining very sexy tan that effect will last detail, if you love makeup, I recommend you apply a line of colored eyeliner, mascara super stretching (effect of false eyelashes ) rosy blush and lipstick bare, if you prefer more intense colors I recommend a coral color or tone of soft red Look cool summer but effective, without having to burden your face with foundation, concealers, or otherwise, the skin has already been stressed from the sun, let it breathe your pores and good evening .