New year’s Eve is one of the most eagerly awaited, particularly by young people, who usually spend all together to dance and have fun. For us girls, but also for the guys (maybe less), it is difficult to find the right dress, or the combination for this evening.

First, you need to consider what kind of night you participate. There is who’s going to organize evenings, those who prefer to rent a room with your friends and celebrate until the morning of the next day. I personally believe that the new year is indeed one of the most beautiful of the year. For those who loves dancing and romping Council to opt for a dress that is not too much hindrance to their movements. A mini dress (not too small, not particularly love the dresses too short) black would be ideal. I believe that in choosing the shoes you have to be really careful: is the accessory that makes it more beautiful our pairing). I would opt for a red shoe (strictly high heels), if you want to wear a simple black dress, maybe a single shoulder, or a sleeveless dress. For those who don’t want to wear a dress, you could opt for a long t-shirt and a pair of leggins maybe lace.


For those who love to dress in more detail, I find it really cute and end a white lace dress, there are really many turning to stores. Of course, if you want to wear a dress very gaudy, I would recommend not to increase the effect by choosing a shoe or a bag just as eye-catching. In my opinion, is the accessory that creates the difference and most striking to the eye. It is still New, it is true, you have to wear something red (like a long tradition recommends), so if you want, you could also opt for a red dress (not too special though.

In short, even if it is the new year’s evening, I do not recommend at all to wear a red dress and accompany it with all accessories in red: I prefer that you focus on a particular bag or accessory. As for the male, who is keen to make a good impression, I recommend getting a shirt and a pair of pants, not too elegant, even jeans okay. No jacket, no tie, I think are too exaggerated to an evening among friends. The Council even boys to wear red underwear: it’s a very powerful, strong color, lit, recalling everything that is positive, so nothing better to start the new year cheer!.