With the arrival of spring and summer even more, our city will intoxicate the flamboyant and unmistakable style of a culture that is not very far from ours, which gracefully and almost inadvertently became part of everyday life for more and more women and girls. We talk about the colorful Gypsy world , a look that is sought a right mix between being hippie years ’70 merged with the imprint of the ethnic nomadic cultures in Europe, for a strong woman who likes to feel free to dress up like a Gypsy . Lets talk about How to dress in gypsy style.

gypsy style

The woman who wears gispy wants and needs to feel comfortable. Ample dresses, long skirts with prints must be varied, shirts or tops that leave the lines of the Shoulder, and synonymous with a luxurious decadence, the ‘exaggeration of the jewels: Yes a big and long necklace adorned with stones, is a huge earrings pendant that draw a new line to your face, do not be shy and do not be afraid to be too flashy, just because you’re approaching this style you say that you’re not, so exaggerated, but with refinement. Attention to the combination of colors, therefore, the woman gispy is eccentric, not tacky.

The right accessories help definitively to outline as perfect your look. We have repeatedly stressed the concept of convenience , which must be reflected at your feet, a flat sandal is more than perfect, no heels, very effective for their colors and their tissue are also espadrilles, but at the first opportunity, amid a beautiful lawn , walk barefoot, you come into contact with nature and with the origins of the clothes you wear. The importance of the jewels is essential, green rings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earrings. A big bag, but watch casing, you prefer natural fabrics, such as hemp, linen paper, jute and so on, it is the colors and even the fringes.

Hair not too ordered, do not worry they are perfect, down her back, with some accessories will make their figure with the rest, a thin band that goes from the forehead or a circle next to floral pattern, pick them up without even wrap a bandanna around his head, always seek a contrast with your hair color. We have seen some guidelines for the creation of their gypsy style, now you just have to you, get jiggy with it and create your perfect look , do not forget to be you, and do not forget to be Gispy!