There is little to do. At a rock concert, I’m sorry if those who live there will proverbs bad, but the clothes make the Monaco! And how! Woodstock and its acceptance in no uncertain terms of human individuality is now light years away (unless you are attending a evening of psychedelic rock or indirectly, of course) and if you have already bought the tickets you know what you’re going to encounter. We start to do, for broad lines, the classifications. Why is rock and rock, do not argue! Which kind of rock belong to your pets? Try to introduce dressed with a silk tee or with high heels and lip gloss, or with a blue striped shirt and pinstriped pants, the grave concert or Ozzy Osbourne and the least that could happen to you (and deserve you!) is be thrown into the fray of the pogo wildest!


The band ‘s post-punk (such as Cure, for instance)? And rigor of the black and heavy makeup and also the expression a little depressed is not something to be reckoned with, whether you are boys, whether you’re sissies. They are heavy? Some chain, padlock and pin does not hurt. And amphibians. Always. So, as you begin to understand, you can not just make a bundle of all the grass in the field of rock music. The rock is a genre whose varied forms differ, and also very, lifestyles and the way they dress and think of those who hear them.

The only common denominator to attend a rock concert is definitely the one to dress up in comfortable clothes. Unless it is a Reunion of old glories, resurrected for the occasion and come with a catheter and walker, indoor and organized with your beautiful velvet armchair assigned. Only in this case I will grant you the opportunity: for boys, shirt and jeans and brand-new for girls, heel 12 and suits but if the concert is of this type, forgive my frankness, classify it as “rock” means to rehabilitate him. And yes, I know, reading my guide you will think it is due in the most mundane and cliche, who has always lived on the rock at 360 degrees, certainly stricken with horror. Because you know, the true rocker does not want rules, customs or fashions to follow then: ssh! Do not let us make him know that even being an anarchist is to ask yourself a rule: that he had never!