I think all women in the world have ever asked this question: what should I wear?!! And not a question anymore but as almost a desperation, in the mirror, the messy wardrobe and hours (or minutes) of an important event. It is sometimes difficult for us to find the look or the combination of perfect clothes to look beautiful, elegant, comfortable and appropriate to the occasion before us. I have already given several fashion tips for wearing go on a first date . Now we take care of another instance crucial in the life of women: formal dinners! In this special ‘ll give you some ideas for you to know how to dress for a formal dinner . If you have a big meal with your bosses and co-workers, where there will be contracts stakes, to where you have your own show, you must be just perfect! This is what you can put on an event like this or any other formal dinner:


The blouses are a great piece for the night. If it’s a formal dinner, choose a nice design, with collar and buttons, for example, and try to be of a solid color, like white, ecru, black or even navy. These are the classic versions. Depending on your age and how formal the meal, you can vary the color, design or encourage a pattern not too flashy.


For those seeking a more traditional, long-sleeved shirts or three quarters not fail. As with blouses, I recommend especially to be plain and obviously that is not transparent at all! Now that is inelegant at a formal dinner!


Pencil skirt

I am fascinated by pencil skirts ! Formal dinners are a great opportunity to show them off, ideal for combining with blouses. Choose a design rather long pencil skirt-knee-and in a solid color, such as the classic black or brown, terracotta, which is quite cute in skirts.


A garment must have in your wardrobe. The blazer are orders for any occasion, one of which, business dinners. A black blazer or jacket will go well with everything, but if you want another option you may try the navy is divine! Or any color that matches the rest of your look.

Little black dress

“A woman is never too dressed, not just dressed in a little black dress,” says the famous fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. By this he tell us that a little black dress , or “little black dress” is always a winning bet. A black dress to the knee combined with a nice jacket, accessories .


Do not forget the makeup! Let us use this tool to stay well beautiful women and well hidden imperfections. But: do not abuse the makeup, otherwise you’ll be too full, and it does not look serious to warrant a formal dinner. Base, some peach colored powder, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and some ready!These were my chosen to dress for a formal dinner. Obviously, there must be a thousand options for different personal styles.