How often will not use more of the shoes because the heel is ruined? There will be no reason to put them away, because with some simple steps, the heels of your shoes, they will come new and even more beautiful than before. At very low cost you will get some new shoes, original and elegant. In order to recover the heels of your shoes, just use a lot of imagination. Simply arrange the brightest, the ribbons, flowers, fabric and everything your imagination suggests. If the heels of your shoes are worn out, I suggest you go to a shoemaker and maybe to change under the heel. Without this place yourself on a job board, covered with an old towel and start decorating.

For example if you have access to a pair of black cleavage, take the glitter white that are easily found in haberdashery or online. Once this is done, take the glue and begin to put it on the heel, a little at a time, placing the glitter and go over the entire surface. To place the glitter you can help with a simple pair of tweezers for eyebrows. Let dry for a few hours your shoes and lucidatele. Now they are ready to be sported, along with an elegant evening gown. You can use glitter of different colors, depending on the color of the shoes that you have available and of course according to your tastes.


You can clothe heels , your shoes, even with colored ribbons . To do this, take the shoe and started to roll out, little by little, the glue on the heel. Take the ribbon and begin to wrap all the way around the heel, try to spread it in manners uniform. Having done this, take a flower of cloth, maybe the same color in the tape and apply it, with a little of glue, on the initial part of the heel. The flower you can create with the ribbon, with which you have covered the heel to face that, you can follow this tutorial:Now your shoes are ready and if you use a satin ribbon, you can combine a clutch of satin of the same color, the combination will be very nice.